KOi Fusion PDX


Bulgolgi BBQ Beef
Thinly sliced Korean steak marinated with Mama Kwon’s touch and flame-grilled thereafter. Hot, sweet and savory, this awesome BBQ speaks out loud and proud when it comes to garlic, onions and soy sauce.

Kalbi Short Ribs
Fall-off-the-bone tender short rib meat, marinated in Mama Kwon’s secret sauce, grilled to perfection, then deboned and shredded to make for one tasty taco or burrito filling. This meat melts in your mouth!

Thinly sliced chicken is marinated in Mama Kwon’s spicy garlic and onion sauce, then grilled. When it comes to flavor, it is anything BUT boring!

Thinly sliced pork marinated in our signature spicy and sweet sauce. This one packs a kick, so be ready for it!

Spicy Tofu
We offer tofu as an alternative for those who don’t want meat. Marinated in Mama Kwon’s sweet soy sauce, pan-fried and topped with all the fixings and our homemade kimchi. Heck, these are so good you should try one even if you’re a strict carnivore. Want vegan? Hold off on the kimchee!

You can call it Korean sauerkraut, but there’s nothing else like it. Our standard kimchi is freshly made with nappa cabbage from a secret family recipe. That means that it’s made without MSG! Generally served as a side, add it “on” your tacos or “in” your burrito for a spicy, tangy, and tasty treat that’s chock full of chilis, garlic, ginger and onions!

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