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“An innovative and funky fusion of Korean BBQ and fresh Mexican flavors. Starting in 2009 as one mobile taco truck, Chef Bo Kwon was inspired by the genre of Korean Fusion … (He) set about creating our own niche within this category, using Mama Kwon’s secret family marinades, fresh vegetables, and locally-sourced tortilla vendors to create a new twist that’s uniquely Portland, Oregon.”

Such a dope lil video from www.50stories.org!!!


Big S/O Clay Fisher, Steven Vote & Cody Lewis!
Featuring our Harris at our Burnside location.

Bethany Village are you ready?!… Things are coming along here!! (Corner by Starbucks and the fountain)
#WeOutHere #MovingIn #BethanyVillage #EarlyFebruary

Read more here: http://www.oregonlive.com/washingtoncounty/index.ssf/2014/11/new_micro_restaurants_bring_fo.html

#PDXNOW Presents Base Camp’s Collabofest! 10 innovative breweries in the craft brewing capital of the world have paired off to create 10 #PDXNOW brews. All of the delicious beers will be presented at the Collabofest at Base Camp Brewing Company on January 24th, 2015.



January 12, 2015


A local woman received a special thank you (and a free meal) from the owner of the popular KOi Fusion food carts after she returned an envelope of money he’d misplaced.

Owner Bo Kwon showed up at Cathy Mayes’ home Monday with flowers and burritos in hand.

Mayes found an envelope on that ground last month that had $700 in cash inside. She traced it back to Koi Fusion and returned the money to its owner.

Mayes said she was always taught to do the right thing, and didn’t expect anything in return, other than a thank you.

“It’s not mine and if I lost something, I’d want somebody to return it to me also,” Mayes said.

Kwon said he’s not sure how he lost the money, but he’s glad to have it back.

“To think that someone found it on the ground and went through all the trouble to find out who we are and bring it back to us with all the money there and not expect a thing back except a ‘thank you’ was really, really heartwarming,” Kwon said.


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Read more: http://www.kptv.com/story/26781801/food-cart-owner-personally-thanks-good-samaritan-who-found-envelope-full-of-cash#ixzz3OdpatGFp



January 12, 2015


A man was caught on surveillance video burglarizing the popular KOi Fusion food cart’s warehouse in Portland.

The video shows the man spending about 45 minutes in the warehouse, rifling through employee backpacks, picking up a hammer and swinging it wildly over his head, going through the refrigerator, and then reaching into his coat, taking out a bottle and taking a drink.

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Koi Fusion’s catering marries Korean BBQ and fresh Mexican flavors into a blissful experience served up in burritos, sliders, tacos, and more! The combination of Mama Kwon’s succulent barbecued meats, together with grilled tortillas and garden-crisp vegetables create a taste sensation that is uniquely Portland!

With our mobile fleet, as well as professional in house staff, Koi offers distinctive catering options for any special event! Whether you are looking for an authentic Portland Food Cart Experience or a plated sit down meal for your guests, we will wow you. Our menus are tasty, and our people are flexible and fun.

Looking to book catering for your next event? Email catering@koifusionpdx.com

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