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Hello friends!!

Bo Kwon here and I wanted to first thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of KOi Fusion’s movement. None of this traction could have been accomplished without “amazing” fans and “loyal” clients like the ones we have here in Portland!

You have all made my journey life changing and I will always remember the support and love that this town has shown KOi…. with that said… Where are all the trucks from the NW in the Great Food Truck Race on FOOD NETWORK?

Well … we are in the running for next years Food Truck Race challenge with Food Network… Yeeeee! Voting has STARTED for next year’s truck nominations and we have made the list! Last year we made the final 10 trucks but the producers got scared we would dominate … and only 8 were chosen ….( I bet they told that to everyone….and I bet it had to do with budget since all trucks on the show are from Los Angeles …)

Let’s start passing the word around that the KOi boyz are ready to rumble…. and soon we can show the entire nation what K’tacos are all about!!

You get up to 10 votes per day and I hope you choose KOi! We need 2 show America how too #getsome of America’s Fav Food Truck. Click here!!!

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