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Happy Birthday Bo!

First of all, everyone who stops by the cart today simply must wish our fearless leader the best on his special day.  After all the truck problems that have been happening lately, he deserves an engine trouble-free day today, don’t you think?


But let’s get down to the real business of the weekend.  First of all, let’s face it: you think that k-tacos are delicious.  You sit at work craving your bulgogi beef taco or spicy pork burrito, always throw an order of sliders or a tasty kimchee quesadilla in with your order, and you send us your tweet love after a lunch run just like the peeps over @hopworksbrewery:

Can TwitPic handle this much delicious?

Can TwitPic handle this much delicious?

But is there something in this world that can make your beloved k-treats even better?  Enter: bikes and pie.

FRIDAY: Join KOi at CyanPDX’s Bike-In movie

When? Come around 7:00 PM, movie starts @ 8:00 PM

Where? 1720 SW 4th Ave


When? 7:00 PM

Where? You know the deal…Stadium Flowers, baby!

SUNDAY: Indulge in KOi before the Portland Pie-Off

When? 1:00 PM

Where? Peninsula Park (off Rosa Parks between Albina and Kerby in North PDX)

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