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A KOi ship has landed at Base Camp! We are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with Base Camp Brewing to offer brews and tacos for all our hungry K’Heads. The new Base Camp cart will have the same hours as the brewery:

Sunday-Wednesday Noon until 9pm
Thursday-Saturday  11am until Midnight

As you may have noticed, these hours are crazy different from most of our other locations (besides Stadium)–stay tuned to our twitter for updates as some of our locations move to summer hours!

The Move

Where did this trailer come from? The Base Camp Trailer came over from its location at SuperPod (on SE 2nd and Water Ave near Produce Row). Fun Fact: The trailer has only moved 6 blocks east of its previous location, which means that if you are recently heartbroken over the move, fear not! We are now in a location just outside Base Camp Brewing, a brewery with a sick indoor taproom (hooray climate control!), awesome outdoor seating (which is currently expanding), and hearty FREE beer smells! And we are a quick walk from the old location! Feel better? We thought you might :)

You can now get KOi Fusion from inside  the taproom (simply order at the bar) and hot, happy kimchi times are headed your way–delivered right to your table!

More delicious surprises are in store–we are just getting started!

You are engaged?! How exciting! Congratulations!

Did You Know That KOi Fusion Caters Weddings?

KOi Fusion’s catering marries Korean BBQ and fresh Mexican flavors into a blissful experience served up in burritos, sliders, tacos, and more! The combination of Mama Kwon’s succulent barbecued meats, together with grilled tortillas and garden-crisp vegetables create a taste sensation that is uniquely Portland.

With our mobile fleet, as well as professional in house staff, KOi offers distinctive catering options for any special event! Whether you are looking for an authentic Portland Food Cart Experience or a plated sit down meal for your guests, we will wow you. Our menus are tasty, and our people are flexible and fun.

KOi Fusion ahs been featured in The New York Times, Food & Wine, Gourmet, CNN, Forbes, and Portland Monthly. Oregon Bride named KOi Fusion “Hottest Food Cart Catering” in their Best Of 2012 awards.

Looking to book catering for your next event? Submit your inquiry here (or email us at Catering(at)KOiFusionPDX(dot)com), and our Catering & Event Manager, Bee, will be back with a customized quote for your big day!

KOi Fusion + Luxe NW @ Castaway PDX

KOi Fusion will be exhibiting at Luxe NW’s Bridal Event Sunday, February 16! We are excited to be a part of a gorgeous event that will change how you feel about wedding expos! Inventive cakes, stunning flowers, and KOi Fusion’s amazing food promise to make the day absolutely unforgettable!

Get your tickets to Lux Bridal Event

See you this weekend!

Luxe Wedding Event

Everything’s been coming up KOi recently!

While we’ve had our noses to the grindstone, turning out some killer tacos, we’ve been getting some love from local K’Headz! We want to share the K-Love!

Frugal Living NW

Frugal Living NW's Food Cart Friday Feature!

It’s Mexican food, no wait, it’s Korean, no wait…….

Frugal Living NW featured a write-up on our Bridgeport Village location this past summer in their Food Cart Friday Series! Amy from Eating My Way Thru Portland covered our tacos, burritos, and sweet potato fries! While her favorites are the pork and bulgogi tacos, she also notes not to be afraid of the different Korean marinades. We find them to all be special in their own ways.

While the Bridgeport Village KOi isn’t technically a “food cart” persay, it still holds the values our mobile trucks and catering services hold–make great food. That, paired with a knowledgable staff and good timing, will make for some sweet buzz throughout the Portland Metro Area!

Bulgogi and Pork Tacos

Yummy KOi Tacos! Image via EatingMyWayThruPortland.com

Sometimes that love goes out a little further than Portland! How could we leave out the K-Love we got from The Daily Meal who even referenced our KDogs in their Top 101 Food Carts. Not only were we blown away for the mention, we managed to snag #24 on the list! In the country! Wow!

KOi Fusion #24 Best Food Truck in the USA

We earned #24 on the list of 101 Best Food Carts in the US

Then, of course, later this summer we received some attention from PDX Eater regarding a few pieces of paper we signed. Doesn’t seem like a big deal until you realize those papers were to lease out space in the BRAND NEW D-STREET COMPLEX to open our very first BRICK-AND-MORTAR! What?!

True story, actually. We are now in the process of opening up our very first brick-and-mortar, full on, sit-down-indoors-and-have-some-KOi establishment in the up-and-coming area that is SE Division (around 30th). Scheduled to open up early next year, this version of KOi may be the coolest yet, as it also hints at some serious rebranding that is in the works. The food stays great and the opportunity to find it is only going to get easier, people! Make sure to mark your calendars for early 2014 for the opening of the new SE KOi location.

Read the PDX Eater story here!

Who knows, perhaps there’s gonna be KOi coming to your neck of the woods before the end of the next year! Keep your fingers crossed and your ear to the ground. We’re comin’!

KOi delivers to the Pacific Rim Fest

Koi Fusion will be ready to serve up some amazing Korean/Mexican fusion cuisine at this year’s Pacific Rim Festival Saturday, August 24th from 11am-7pm. Join KOi at the 4th Annual Pacific Rim Festival in Forest Grove this weekend! Entertainment at the fest will include Obon Dancing, martial arts demonstrations, Hawaiian and reggae band Solidity, who will be reunited with their singer to play together for the first time in years! You won’t want to miss out on the great food either! In addition to your favorite Korean Fusion venders will also inclulde: 808 Grinds, Uwajimaya, and Ono Shaved Ice.

Check out this entertainment schedule–it’s packed!


11:15     –    11:35 –   Lion Dancing - Portland Lee’s Association
11:45     –    12:15 –   Hula (Keiki & Wahine - Kapa Hula Makani Kolonohe
12:30     –    12:50 –   Taiko Drumming -Portland Taiko
1:00        -    1:20 –     Kung Fu Demonstration - Portland Lee’s Association
1:30        -    2:00 –     Wahine Hula - Ka Lei Hali’a O Ka Lokelani
2:10       –     2:30  -   Obon Dancing - Oregon Buddhist Temple
2:40      -     3:20  -   Live Hawaiian Music - Kama & Black Line Band
3:30      -      3:50     – Japanese Traditional Dance – Sahomi Tachibana Dancers
4:00      -      4:20     – Tahitian Dance - Ora Nui Dance Studio
4:35       –     5:00  -    Traditional Korean Dance - Oregon Korean Cultural Arts
5:15       –     6:00 –     Live Reggae Music - Kama & Black Line Band
6:15       –     6:55 –     Taiko Drumming - Takohachi Taiko

For more information about the Pacific Rim Festival, check out Sake One’s Event Calendar.

KOi Fusion is super grateful to you, our customers and readers, and to the strong cart scene both here in Portland and beyond. We here at KOi appreciate all your support, and we try our best every day to bring scrumptious K-treats to a street near you. KOi Fusion also has a philosophy of sorts, looking at food carts as a positive national movement that benefits diners and cities alike.

That’s why this recent LA Times article rubs us the wrong way.  It appears that Los Angeles is cracking down on mobile food cart vendors (AKA our food cart homies) in some dubious ways.  According to the article:

“Some drivers said they were cited for minimal violations such as parking too close to the curb, or parking too far away. Others said they were ordered to pack up and leave.

Police officials said the crackdown Wednesday was part of a one-day operation to clear the area of illegal vendors.”

So now you’re thinking, “KOi peeps, have you inhaled too many grill fumes?  Of course we don’t want illegal vendors serving us food!”  But the real problem came from one of the officers quoted in the article:

“Restaurants complain because the lunch trucks are taking their business, and they don’t have [proper] permits.”

KOi’s view?  Food carts don’t “take” business from non-mobile eating locals any more than the stationary folk “take” from us.  We know you’re making choices based on the food factors that are most important to you – whether it’s local, convenience of location, price,  or degree of deliciousness.  All we (and our food cart brethren) are out to do is meet your wants the best we know how.

Picture courtesy of a Miracle Mile customer's blog post on the issue - click on the pic to read it!

Picture courtesy of a Miracle Mile customer's blog post on the issue - click on the pic to read it!

This also means we know you can’t eat KOi 24/7/365 (oh that it could be so…but we digress).  You’re going to support other food vendors, and we think that’s great!  A strong dining scene, from high end fancy places to food carts, makes a stronger economy overall.  Portland has one of the most diverse food scenes you’ll ever come across, and we want to keep the community hopping as much as anybody.  The cool thing is that YOU – not the cops and certainly not us or other vendors – get to decide what to support and what to eat.  It’s all about consumer choice.

So, for the record, we want you all to know that KOi Fusion supports our mobile vendor peeps in LA. They create jobs, start independently owned businesses, and bring positive and active uses to somewhat stale and empty parts of the city. Food cart vendors also provide good food that is affordable to just about everyone. The City of Los Angeles should take note.

What do you think about the role of food carts in the PDX economy?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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