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A KOi ship has landed at Base Camp! We are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with Base Camp Brewing to offer brews and tacos for all our hungry K’Heads. The new Base Camp cart will have the same hours as the brewery:

Sunday-Wednesday Noon until 9pm
Thursday-Saturday  11am until Midnight

As you may have noticed, these hours are crazy different from most of our other locations (besides Stadium)–stay tuned to our twitter for updates as some of our locations move to summer hours!

The Move

Where did this trailer come from? The Base Camp Trailer came over from its location at SuperPod (on SE 2nd and Water Ave near Produce Row). Fun Fact: The trailer has only moved 6 blocks east of its previous location, which means that if you are recently heartbroken over the move, fear not! We are now in a location just outside Base Camp Brewing, a brewery with a sick indoor taproom (hooray climate control!), awesome outdoor seating (which is currently expanding), and hearty FREE beer smells! And we are a quick walk from the old location! Feel better? We thought you might :)

You can now get KOi Fusion from inside  the taproom (simply order at the bar) and hot, happy kimchi times are headed your way–delivered right to your table!

More delicious surprises are in store–we are just getting started!

As we creep into the peak of the summer season, there’s been a unique phenomenon happening across the country. As some of you may have already noticed, media coverage surrounding the emerging food cart scene has been rapidly gaining traction the past six months.

Whether it’s the state of the economy, smarter spending, or simply a desire to escape fast food hell, there’s been an explosion in popularity towards street vendors and food carts all over the country.

Recently, the Oregonian wrote about the new influx of carts on Mississippi Ave in Portland in an article published two days ago, noting “Multnomah County has more than 375 food carts, with action blossoming in the suburbs — and the applications keep coming.”And apparently, some other people in Portland see potential here.

“Food carts are the entrepreneurial adventure of the 21st century,” says Howard Shapiro, a board member of the nonprofit Albina Opportunities Corp., one of the lenders that helped Goldingay with financing. “These are more than little things on wheels. They’re serving darn good food and prices at a time when people just love food.”

The New York Times have also caught on. In addition to their thorough review of Portland’s street food scene (found here), they’ve also been detailing some of the new ideas street vendors are implementing to reach customers. A series of open-air, after work summer parties has seen the marriage of local street food, good music, and a relaxed vibe.

This article details the set-up further: “Entry is free; $5 buys a plate of food. Menus have included tacos from the celebrated food truck Calexico and pulled pork from Egg, a beloved local restaurant; indie stalwarts like Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav have played D.J. (At the next BBQ, on July 29, the chef Sam Mason mans the grill, and the Harlem Shakes, a Brooklyn band, are on the decks.) The mood is chill hipster hangout.”

Hmm…. is this a hint of things to come for our Portland scene? Stay tuned, K-heads.

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