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We are constantly brainstorming new ways to keep our customers engaged. Sometimes we get so crazy with our ideas that we overlook the essentials … besides hip-hop parties and renegade KOi stops, we would also like to give back to our most loyal customers – and that’s simply MORE KOI!

Coming soon (hopefully in a week) to all locations will be frequent eater cards! A basic stamp system where we’ll be giving back to you for supporting us. Just a handful of times for lunch, a few late night stops and you’ve got yourself another free burrito!!!! Or tacos … or quesadilla … or sliders!!!!

In addition, we’ve finally set up an e-mail subscription to better let you know of upcoming events we’re involved in and specials or discounts we’re offering. Especially in the summer time, it gets k’razy busy at KOi HQ! We’ll shoot you a short e-mail every now and again to let you know what’s up! And there may be an itty bitty surprise in it for you!!!

And between you and I, we gots some new menu items (and a new location) in the werkz!!!!

So whatcha waiting for? Look to the right of this page and enter in your e-mail addy. Then head on over to one of our trucks or KOiosk to check out the frequent eater card!

KOi Fusion x Scion Videos

January 12, 2011

Video 1: Interview with Bo Kwon (KOi Fusion) and Nik Miles of The Ride Show

Video 2: Two artists each painted one side of a car during this four hour event. I [MMM Labs] developed the painting & display software which enables them to paint on one screen, and showcase their canvas mapped onto a car in real time. Ben Dantoni built the infrastructure to hold the projectors and screens and whatnot all in just the right place, and came up with the idea in the first place.

Inspired and Enabled by Johnny Chung Lee, Graffiti Research Labs, Friispray, Tangible Interaction, Graffiti AS3 Drawing Library, Smoothboard, FDT, Robotlegs and Morning Thunder.

KOi is having a party! We’ve teamed up with Scion to host a huge party to celebrate our 2-year anniversary as well as to get all our k’headz together to vote on a car wrap for our KOi car – the Scion xB!

Who: KOi Fusion x Scion
Wrap Party
December 11th, 2010
Broadway Scion – 55 NE Broadway, Portland, Oregon
FREE! RSVP here.

Two artists will be executing LIVE art and illustration on Saturday, December 11th at the Broadway Scion in NE – battling to see whose artwork will win the hearts of KOi fans. The art technology is provided by MMMlabs. The winning artist’s work will grace the KOi xB which will be crusin’ around all over Portland for deliveries, drop-offs, and wherever our fans will be.

Join us from 6pm-10pm on December 11th for free KOi Fusion food, live music and performances by local artists Illa J and Diana Blakeslee, DJ ComputerFAM and more. Enjoy Widmer brews, Rockstar energy drinks, and swag from CAPITAL brand clothing + more!

Register at http://broadwayscion.com/KOi.aspx – the first 50 registered and at the door will get a swag bag full of goodiez!

KOi Fusion X Nike Sportswear

September 8, 2010

“If you live in Portland, you know about Koi Fusion. If you live in Portland, you need a jacket. In celebration of Musicfest NW we brought the two together for the ultimate collaboration. The DESTROYER BURRITO.”

Fans and followers of @nikesportswear and @koifusionpdx on Twitter got crazy messages from us talking about a new menu item. They got instruction to ask for the “destroyer burrito” at our truck, situated at 6th & College near Portland State University yesterday, Tuesday September 7th. Then … they were presented with a big, humungous foil wrapped surprise!!! Watch the video of our collab with Nike Sportswear!!!

Thanks guys and see you this weekend at the WONDER BALLROOM!

Hello friends!!

Bo Kwon here and I wanted to first thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of KOi Fusion’s movement. None of this traction could have been accomplished without “amazing” fans and “loyal” clients like the ones we have here in Portland!

You have all made my journey life changing and I will always remember the support and love that this town has shown KOi…. with that said… Where are all the trucks from the NW in the Great Food Truck Race on FOOD NETWORK?

Well … we are in the running for next years Food Truck Race challenge with Food Network… Yeeeee! Voting has STARTED for next year’s truck nominations and we have made the list! Last year we made the final 10 trucks but the producers got scared we would dominate … and only 8 were chosen ….( I bet they told that to everyone….and I bet it had to do with budget since all trucks on the show are from Los Angeles …)

Let’s start passing the word around that the KOi boyz are ready to rumble…. and soon we can show the entire nation what K’tacos are all about!!

You get up to 10 votes per day and I hope you choose KOi! We need 2 show America how too #getsome of America’s Fav Food Truck. Click here!!!

Yesterday, we received some nice media coverage, courtesy of John T. Edge over at the New York Times. You can read the article here. It follows a trend of past coverage that both KOi and Korean fusion as a genre have received over the last year, and it now appears that the concept of “fusion” has become a full-on epidemic in the US. Following the original Kogi model, trucks have started popping up over the past year, spanning the country– from Midwestern locales like Indianapolis and Oklahoma, all the way to Atlanta, New York, and of course California. Our very own city, Portland, has even received some increased competition over the past year, as no fewer than four Korean barbecue competitors have rolled into town.

What does it all mean? It’s something we as a team have talked about more recently. When we started, the concept of the Korean taco was strictly the domain of Kogi and LA. We were one of the first to take Roy Choi’s pioneering vision and mold it into our own concept; using his blueprint, we ran with the idea and re-invented the recipes so that they tasted uniquely KOi. One of the reasons we’ve been successful in this new sea of competition has been a consistent adherence to our original vision.

By sticking with the homemade marinades that only Mama Kwon knows the recipe to, using locally-sourced tortillas and tacos, only buying fresh, local vegetables, and only selecting the highest quality meats to buy, we’ve been able to consistently deliver the best Korean BBQ in Portland, even as we’ve expanded over the past year.

Everything we serve is cooked to order, and when you come to KOi, you know everything you eat has been grilled, chopped, diced, and prepared that day. It’s not a marketing gimmick–it’s the only way we know how to do business, and we refuse to change our commitment to those ideals.

As the genre continues to grow and expand, we’ve prepared ourselves for the inevitable increase in competition by making sure we continue to do the best everyday. As Bo said to the New York Times, we’ve built our business not on trying to be just another Kogi, but by taking the idea of the Korean taco and “Portlandizing” it. Our marinades, tortillas, meat, and recipes are unique to KOi. We have much love for the growing legion of Korean taco trucks across the country; but for us, it’ll always be a KOi and Portland way of doing things–and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love, Peace, and Taco Grease,

Scott, Team KOi

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